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LITTLE TEETHERS BUM BUNDLE — BABY BUM BALM // TEETHING GELLittle Teethers Bum Bundle -- Baby Bum Balm // Teething Gel

Is your little one having teething discomfort and the dreaded diaper rash that normally comes with it??Combined in this bundle with our Cool Gums Teething gel, our Baby Bum Balm will help alleviate some of the discomfort and help with the most stubborn of diaper rashes that come at the same time!

LITTLE TEETHERS BUNDLE — PURESLEEP & BREATHE CHEST RUB // TEETHING GELLittle Teethers Bundle -- PureSleep & Breathe Chest Rub // Teething Gel

Is your little one having trouble sleeping at night because of stuffy noses or teething discomfort? Combined in this bundle with our COOL Gums Teething gel, Our PureSleep & Breathe Chest Rub is gentle on your babies skin and promotes peaceful sleep with our special aromatic blend of natural oils. Our formula is made with premium quality coconut oil, shea butter and natural oils like lavender and eucalyptus radiata to safely and gently calm and prepare your little one for bed time. Our Cool Gums teething gel cools and soothes little gums with natural, safe ingredients like Aloe and Peppermint oil–absolutely no belladonna or benzocaine! Just natural, cooling goodness.

As always, our formulas are 100% drug-free, safe, non-habit forming and effective.  Peace of mind at it’s best! Use it as a pure and natural decongestant when their little noses are stuffy.

Liquid Sleep Drops & Chest Rub Sleep SystemLIQUID SLEEP DROPS & CHEST RUB SLEEP SYSTEM

Give your sleep problems the ol’ one-two punch with our unique Sleep System. Doctor recommended and by far the best approach to helping your child get better, safer and 100% Drug-Free Sleep.  This Sleep System includes our Liquid Sleep Drops and PureSleep & Breathe Chest rub  to help your child get to sleep safely and effectively without drugs.  This is the perfect bundle for children 3 years and older who struggle with getting the sleep they need.

Our PureSleep & Chest Rub is gentle, calming and specially formulated to soothe children and even adults to sleep.  Our Liquid Sleep Drops are naturally derived, drug-free and tastes great so kids can get sleep fast!  The Liquid Sleep Drops are perfect for children with sensory or texture sensitivities.

Alternavites Kid's MultiVitamins -- 30 Day SupplyOUR AMAZING VITAMINS

Wink Naturals alternaVites–the melt-in-your-mouth vitamin powder–is a great way to help support your child’s nutritional needs.  Available in both multivitamin and single-ingredient formulas, alternaVites Kids is designed with both you and your child in mind.

We make it our responsibility to make nutritionally sound products that you feel good about giving your children and ones that your kids look forward to taking.

Wink Natural’s Kids Vitamins are top rated and award winning for so many reasons:

  • Powder Power: Our quick melting powder can be poured on the tongue where it melts in your mouth (think pixie stick!)
  • Mix it Up: Incredibly versatile as alternaVites Kids can also be mixed into foods or drinks, like smoothies, yogurts, cereals, apple sauce, puddings and shakes (with or without your kids knowing… perfect for even the pickiest eaters)
  • Nutrient Rich:  All products are comprehensive formulas that only use high quality vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Nutritious and delicious:  Available in yummy kid-approved natural flavors that make taking vitamins a real treat
  • No objectionable ingredients:   All products are sugar-free, gluten-free and contain no wheat, egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish or shellfish, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives.  They also contain no GMO ingredients.
  • Portable & Convenient:  Premeasured daily dose stick packs make it easy to take and take along
  • Animal Lovers: You won’t find any animal products or by-products in any of our formulas
  • Mazel Tov: Each one of our products is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU)
  • Quality First:  Products made in GMP certified facility and then third party tested to ensure they conform to nutrient content, purity and uniformity
  • Tooth Friendly: Pediatric dentist  recommended since alternaVites Kids are not “sticky or icky” or full of sugar like so many other kids (gummy) products on the market that can cause dental havoc!

Why Buy Wink Naturals???

1. 50,000+ families helped –and counting!

2. Everything we sell comes with an unconditional 100% Happy Guarantee. Love it or get your money back–no questions asked.

3. All our products are 100% safe, natural and effective.

4. We are parents just like you and we are ready to help in any way we can to help your family get the rest you need. Have a question or concern? Just reach out! We’re here and happy to help!

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