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Who doesn’t love stuffed animal toys? They are so cute and so cuddly!

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Whether you want to buy stuffed animals, teddy bears, toys, baby gifts, dolls, plush toys or bulk and wholesale stuffed animals, we’ll always treat you like a valued Stufftomer. Our stuffed animals ship factory fresh directly from our warehouse to your door. We carefully inspect and beautifully package every order before shipment to ensure that you receive high quality products that are delivered accurately every time you order.



Who We Are

Our website make shopping with us fast, easy, safe and most importantly…fun!  Our website is designed with the customer in mind to ensure a hassle free experience every time they visit. 

Company Management

Our team is made up of toy industry and Internet professionals who have over 30 years of combined experience in developing and managing successful e-commerce businesses. We manage all of our operations in-house to control costs, quality and every other aspect of our business.

Community & Charitable Involvement

We stand behind the quality and integrity of our company and products. We make stuffed animal donations to select organizations every year. We’re also activily involved in a varierty of charitable organizations throughout the United States.

I Know We Don’t Want To Think About It Yet But The Holidays Are Fast Approaching…

Customers can find many different ways to shop and find your child a gift specific animal to suit your child’s interest. This website has many different ways to make shopping quick and easy. Choose a gift that is unique to your child’s personal preference. There is a HUGE selection to choose from. Some of the categories include..

  • Stuffed Animals A to Z
  • Extra large stuffed animals 
  • Worlds Softest stuff animals
  • Accessories
  • Ty Beanie babies
  • Babies
  • TV and Cartoon Characters 
  • and more

There are so many adorable stuffed animals on this site that it is a must see. Your children will delight in a stuffed toy from A new best friend to sleep with and take away their insecurities. There is just something that is comforting having a stuffed animal to squeeze when the world is a big scarey place. Stuffed animals have been around for a long time comforting children while they sleep, play or they are ill. As an adult I still love stuffed animals, I believe they are decorative and bring beauty to my home. I believe they show my love for animals and nature. Owning a stuffed animal that is one of your favorite cartoon characters is fun as well.


My Children…

Out of all of the toys my children had growing up it seems to be the stuffed animals they remember the most. The characters may change but the love of stuffed animals remain. They loved their stuffed animals that were characters from shows that they watched on TV. I had even gotten them stuffed animals from tv shows that I watched in my youth and they loved those as well. The imagination of a child is a fun place to be. How children see things and how they learn and grow and what they remember when they are grown. I am still child at heart and probably always will be…

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So much fun to be found here in this selection of stuffed Animals.