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I like natural products, I found this natural skin care and wanted to share with you.


Natural Skin Care…

Made in the USA

Made in America should be important to you. It means higher paid, 
better quality jobs for you and your family. It means longer lasting 
quality products.

The loss of manufacturing jobs in America is more than a statistic.

This loss contributes to the erosion of the middle class and hardship 
for many towns.

Many imported products face little or no inspection upon entry into 
America. The recent increase in recalls with no recourse is all too 

Of course there are great products made overseas, but we hope 
that you consider products that are made in America first.
Just as making environmentally friendly decisions are important, so 
is your consideration of products that are made in the USA.

Made by Hand

We believe that our people are the heart and soul of the company. 
They inspire us with their passion, creativity and love for our products.

These are values that machines cannot provide. We always strive to 
improve productivity with our people instead of trying to replace them 
with machinery.

Many of the nutritive ingredients that we use must be handled with the 
care that we believe only a pair of loving hands could offer.

Our people recognize and respect the differences with these living 
ingredients and give them the utmost care that they deserve.

Their experienced hands gently transform nutritive ingredients into the 
finest creams, lotions, shampoos and more into living works of art.

While some companies prefer using high speeds and temperatures to 
mass produce their products, they sacrifice all of the benefits that the 
nutritive ingredients had to offer.

By choosing handmade production, we can guarantee you will receive 
everything our nutritive ingredients have to offer.


Small Batches

If you are trying our products for the first time, there are some things 
you should know to feel more comfortable with the benefits that 
nature has to offer you.

We use the purest ingredients to make our unique shampoos, 
conditioners, creams, gels and much more.

Just as nutritive ingredients vary, so does the appearance, texture, 
feel, scent and color of our products.

This is a good thing and is another way you can be sure that you are 
getting all the benefits of the nutritive ingredients.

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Chemical free is the way to be.