The Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Truth About Abs

We would all like to know The Fat Burning secrets. We all want to look and feel our best.  What is in the food that we put into our bodies and what do they take out? Attention Men & Women if you are struggling to lose weight you will want to visit this website and learn some of the facts about our food.

Look, weight gain, and weight loss, are serious concerns of yours, and I get it…

Did you know…                                                                                                                       

One of your body’s main fat-burning hormones DECREASES when you go on a diet?

Research has shown that this important hormone drops by as much as 50% after just 7 days of dieting!

The worst part is, the longer you try to diet, the worse it gets, which is why many “serial dieters” constantly struggle to keep the weight off (if they lose it at all…)

Good news! We’re going to share the nutrition tricks to INCREASE your body’s natural fat-burning hormones safely and naturally!

You’ll also discover exactly what you need to understand to eat in a way that BOOSTS your metabolism, balances hormones, FIGHTS stubborn belly fat, heals your gut, and increases your energy, regardless of your “bad genetics”.

With The Fat Burning Kitchen you will learn…

  • The true secret to making calorie-counting obsolete.
  • The truth about polyunsaturated fats.
  • Which protein bars or energy bars are actually candy bars in disguise.
  • The real deal on saturated fat and cholesterol, and why they are essential in your diet.
  • The “whole grain” deception and why whole grain crackers, breads, and cereals are packing on more bodyfat.
  • Why that skim milk may not be so good for you after all, and the dirty truth about homogenized milk.
  • The one time when tilapia and salmon are NOT health foods.
  • A healthy fat-burning burger option?
  • Why soymilk, tofu, and veggie burgers could be increasing your belly fat.
  • Are sports drinks stifling your fat-burning and making you AGE faster?
  • The ONLY truly healthy options for sweeteners.
  • A surprisingly healthy fat in some animal products that actually helps you burn fat & build muscle. 
  • Why egg whites are actually WORSE for you than whole eggs.
  • Do diet sodas and other diet drinks hurt your fat loss efforts?
  • Is whole milk actually better for you than skim milk? 
  • A type of saturated fat that actually helps to stimulate your metabolism
  • The one time when delicious creamy chocolate can even help to prevent your sweet tooth cravings
  • Does green tea or oolong tea really increase your metabolism and help fat loss?
  • Which fruits & veggies are okay to choose non-organic
  • …and TONS more secrets to help you permanently transform your diet while also preventing diabetes.

Power packed with information you will learn….


 How The “Health Foods” You’re Eating Every Day Are Making Your Fat Cells SICK

The 3 reasons you should NEVER eat wheat — Yes, even “whole wheat”

The 3 reasons you should NEVER use Vegetable Oil

So-Called “Health Foods” That Are Causing You to GAIN More Body Fat?

The TRUTH about sugar… You can’t just “burn off” sugar



Imagine how great you’ll look and feel when you KNOW the foods that are actually good for you, that boost your metabolism, heal your joints,MELT away stubborn fat, and FIGHT aging are actually DELICIOUS, loaded with nutrition, and satisfy your appetite!

The Fat Burning Kitchen Program

 The Fat Burning Kitchen

Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine


NEVER Count Calories Again!

Rapidly, and Permanently melt your stubborn fat

Balance your Body’s Own Fat Buring Hormones Easily and Naturally

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