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Commuter Auto Safety Kit

Justincase is the #1 brand for auto safety kits with over 13 million sales. We have been providing feelings of safety and security with our products since 2007. We offer safety kits, tire inflators, booster cables, and more! A majority of our safety kits and tire inflators come equipped with a FREE 365-Day Roadside Assistance membership ($180 Value!)

 Auto Safety Kits…

Whether you are going on a road trip or to the grocery these safety kits will keep you going in case of an emergency. We all want to keep ours families and ourselves safe. Here you will find auto safety kits to keep on hand for those unexpected emergencies. Have you ever gotten out somewhere and then discovered your tire went flat? At the end of the day when you are ready to leave work always anxious to get home, you leave work to get into your car and it wont start due to a dead battery? Do you hate having to wait on help to arrive?  I personally find these kinds of things frustrating. Save yourself from the aggravation of these unexpected moments and visit Justincase.

Roadside Assistance…

This Justin Case Roadside Assistance program included in this kit is the most comprehensive in the industry. There is no fee and all you have to do is register. Then you have 365 days of 24 hr service and protection. This makes the Justin Case safety kit the perfect travel companion and an amazing gift for everyone with a car.


Commuter Auto Safety Kit8 Foot, 10 Gauge Jumper Cable, Flashlight with Batteries

12ft Tow Rope

Rain Poncho, Pair of Gloves and First Aid Kit. Comes with 365-Day Justin Case Roadside Assistance No Membership Fees! ($180 Value)


Family First Aid Kit

Ideal for family outings or going to the ball park. Easy to see and find everything with the convenient fold open design.

Soft carry case
First Aid Instruction Card
Needle Nose Tweezers
Tongue Depressors
Cotton Tip Applicators
10 Rayon Balls
2 Pair Vinyl Gloves
6 Handi-Wipe Towelettes
Antiseptics & Injury Treatment
Bandages, Dressings


Dual Function InflatorIdeal for Truck, Car, SUV, Motorcycle and Bycicle Tires. Perfect for filling sports equipment, Rafts and more.

High Pressure Inflator & Compressor
7 Minute Standard Tire Inflation
Dual-function High Pressure Inflator and High Volume Compressor, Inflates Standard Car Tire in 7 Minutes, Inflates a Double Air Mattress in 2-1/2 Minutes.
Digital Gauge with Automatic Shut-off
Comes with 365-Day Justin Case Roadside Assistance No Membership Fees! ($180 Value)


20ft 4G Booster Cable20 Foot Jumper Cable with 4 Gauge Conductor. Over 50% greater conductor size than that of a 6 Gauge. This 4 Gauge Booster Cable is ideal for use with full size cars, passenger and cargo vans, full size pickup trucks, large recreational vehicles and freight hauling vehicles.

20 Foot, 4 Gauge Booster Cable with 365-Day Justin Case Roadside Assistance No Membership Fees! ($180 Value)
Professional Grade
Fits Top & Side Mount Battery Posts
No Kink, Tangle-free, Extra Flexible for Ease of Use, Resists Oil, Gas and Acid, Reliable & Strong, SAE
Comes with 365-Day Justin Case Roadside Assistance No Membership Fees! ($180 Value)

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Collapsible Cone

Put your mind at ease with these auto safety kits.