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At Art & Home, our family is dedicated to providing unique products for you and your home.

Since 2006, Art & Home has been a family owned and operated business. We know how important it is to have your home reflect who you are. You have your own individual style, your taste and more. What started as a hobby back in 1994 became a Father / Daughter business more than 10 years ago. It has stayed true to its roots ever since.  

Inside these pages, you’ll find a wide array of products that you can use to treat, pamper, amuse and entertain yourself and your family.

Inside our company, you’ll find a family working hard to provide a wonderful service to our customers. A wonderful life to our own family. We are very pleased that you took the time to visit. We hope we can help to add something very special to your home. 

As a family-run business, our customer’s satisfaction is very important to us.

If you email us, you’ll either reach myself or one of the members of my family. You can expect a pleasant buying experience. No pushy salespeople, no nameless, faceless call-center representatives… just us.

As a small company, we can focus on truly unique products.

We review dozens of suppliers each year and select only those products that reflect our belief that everyone deserves a beautiful home.

From stunning fine art tapestries to unique metal wall art to gorgeous oil-on-canvas paintings to unique home decor items to useful kitchen gadgets, you’re sure to find something perfect! Imagine the possibilities! 


Tips for Decorating your home in the blog of Art & Home



Add Some Color to Warm Up Winter…

At first thought, winter might not conjure up words like spicy, bold or sunny. It should, though, at least when it comes to the inside of your home. While it might be gray and dreary outside, infusing color into interior decor is one of the quickest ways to create a cozy, inviting living area. And winter is the ideal time to do it.

When redecorating a room, Decide on Function… then Form

When looking at a room, you have to understand how it will be used before creating the right set-up for the room.

It may seem obvious, but an office will require a different spacial design than a living room. Also, there are differences if you intend the space to be a place to entertain guests, or as a private retreat.

It is also important to realize what combined functions a room will serve. For example, your family room may be where you watch TV and where the kids will play. If that’s the case, then storage and comfortable furniture are a must for creating the space… and (if space allows) perhaps a division of the space into two distinct areas.

Monogrammed Gifts: A Unique Gift with a Personalized Touch

As that time of the year rolls around, Art & Home is pleased to offer a series of articles dedicated to finding the perfect gift for that special someone.

People have their passions, and it is always wonderful to be able to find & give a gift that helps support that passion.

 Focus on Monogrammed Gifts, which provide a unique way to give something very, very special and personal.

Metal Wire Eiffel Tower Table Clock

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