9 Reasons Use Coconut Oil Daily- Start Today

Coconut oil has a long history of healing benefits. There are so many reasons why this oil is great for the human body. Please do read on and visit the site for even more powerful information.
Your about to see how and why to Use Coconut Oil Daily.
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                                                                            The Coconut Oil Secret Is Out!

Jake Carney, Founder
The Alternative Daily

Here’s a newsflash I’m sure won’t surprise you… nothing concocted in a laboratory can ever replace the value of what is found in nature!

Mother Nature is the best in the way she provides – offering a bounty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients to nourish your body so you can enjoy a long healthy life.

One fruit in particular – the coconut – is so abundant in its healing properties it’s referred to as “the tree of life.” And before World War II, people living in island countries, like the Philippines, consumed a diet that consisted mainly of rice, root crops, vegetables and an abundance of the ultra-healing superfood, the coconut.

The coconut is a “functional food” rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber – the essential nutritional building blocks for perfect health.

For generations, island people considered it “The Cure for All Illness” and consumed the meat, milk and coconut oil daily. Although this diet was high in saturated fat, Western conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease were virtually unheard of.

Filipinos and islanders were instead rewarded with a lovely youthful complexion, soft wrinkle-free skin, almost no skin cancer – even with excessive exposure to year round sun – and abundant good health.

Coconut has been shown to protect you from viruses, bacteria, infection, cancer, thyroid, brain and heart problems. It also beautifies your skin – and even burns fat! 

Coconut oil – a saturated fat – is chock-full of health-promoting properties. It is in no way responsible for high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and the bad effects you’ve been led to believe.

Finally, modern medicine and science are starting to realize this truth. It’s been a long time coming. But sadly not before heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases have reached epidemic proportions!

Before World War II, the miracle-healing coconut had been used to help alleviate:

  • Coughs
  • Constipation
  • Malnutrition
  • Skin infections
  • Toothaches
  • Earache
  • And more!

In The Coconut Oil Secret: Nature’s #1 Best Healing Superfood, you’ll find out about:

  • The unique quality that helps coconut oil readily fight viruses.
  • The reason The Health and Science Institute proves coconut oil can promote colon health!
  • A list of all parasites, infections, and viruses that coconut oil has been shown to be effective against!
  • The recommended dosage of coconut oil to consume.
  • And so much more!



But that all changed when the war ended and the United States proclaimed hydrogenated oils to be the “healthier oils.” By the 1960s, a weak scientific theory claimed that saturated fats-like those found in butter, eggs, milk, red meat and coconuts – increased “bad” LDL cholesterol and were dangerous to consume.

Nothing was further from the truth! But this “health scare” was enough to push the public away from saturated fats and instead to refined vegetable oils. This was perfect for food manufacturers because they were far cheaper to produce.

It wasn’t long before Western-style diets made their way to the islands and the old ways were forgotten.

Cheaper, mass-produced hydrogenated foods replaced traditional foods, like the versatile and all-healing coconut oil that had kept the islanders healthy for generations.

And for the first time ever, diseases that had become prevalent among Americans… heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity started to plague the island nations.

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In my opinion I do a lot of research on natural foods and how they work in the body. Refined means that they have removed important health benefits from the product. I have done a lot of research on the coconut and I know that this is the tip of the iceberg when it come to great health. Yes I personally use coconut oil daily.